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Vibrant Dahlias are one of the most in-demand flowers in the wedding market!  Dahlias come in all different colors, shapes and sizes and add brilliant texture to bridal bouquets, wedding centerpieces or any kind of DIY flower arrangement.  Dahlias are shipped directly after being cut from the fields to arrive in peak condition.Due to their vibrant colors and lush blooms, dahlias are one of the in-demand flowers on the market. Perfect for everything from weddings to birthdays to graduations, these wholesale dahlias from Blooms by the Box make the perfect accent for your floral arrangements. They look absolutely stunning whether used on their own or paired up with other flowers and colors. And when you order from us, you’ll get the option of mix and matching dahlia colors to your liking so you can create a cohesive color palette for any event.

Dahlias have the unique honor of being the perfect DIY wedding flowers. They’re easy to work with and offer a lot of eye-catching color at an affordable price. Though you could pay more at the florist, most savvy brides and event planners turn to Blooms by the Box to get bulk dahlias at wholesale flower prices. Finally, you can get your favorite flowers while still staying within your budget.

How to Care for Dahlias  

Fill a vase with at least 4 inches of room temperature water. Prepare flower mix if desired. Underwater, cut the ends of the stem at an angle to aid in rehydration for dahlias. Remove any foliage below the water line to avoid cloudy and foul-smelling water from decomposition. Change the water at least every other day.

Popular Dahlia Colors

With so many great warm colors, it is hard to choose. Many people order an assorted mix for guaranteed colorful trending bouquets and dahlia boutonnieres. You can also get an assorted mix by hue, including bicolors, burgundies, chocolates, yellows and lavenders. Purple dahlias add an unexpected color to any arrangement. Pink dahlias come in shades from pale pink to bubblegum pink. All colors vary in shades within their bunches and make for a lovely monochromatic arragement. 

Dahlia Meaning

The Victorians used the dahlia to symbolize a bond between two people, making it a terrific flower for wedding arrangements. This commitment can also be between a person and a new job, new home, etc. It also symbolizes inner strength, grace under pressure and finding the balance between responsibility and adventure. It stands for uniqueness and independence as well – each petal fits individually into the flower head.

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