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Flower petals may be the flower girl staple, but these handy floral accents can be used in a wide variety of ways for special events. At Blooms by the Box, we offer freeze-dried flower petals for weddings, parties and other special occasions — whether you use them as table décor or as part of a wedding ceremony, these cheap flower petals have been carefully preserved so that they’ll look fresh and fabulous for the big event. Flower petals are all-natural, bio-degradable, non-staining, non-slippery, authentic and can be used however you like.

Our selection of flower petals includes a wide variety of colors and flower types — you’ll find hydrangea petals, sunflower petals, freeze-dried wholesale rose petals and more. Whether you need pink flower petals, purple flower petals, blue flower petals or any other color, we have you covered. Best of all, our wholesale prices ensure that you can add this luxurious touch to your event without going over budget.

The next time you need rose petals in bulk to sprinkle across the floor as part of a romantic Valentine’s Day surprise, fresh flower petals to float in water-filled glass centerpieces for a wedding or want to add an elegant touch to a birthday party, choose Blooms by the Box as your go-to supplier.

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Check out our Rose Petal FAQ  page for flower petal quantities.



How to Care for Bulk Flower Petals

Because our petals are freeze-dried, they do not need refrigeration. Store them away from heat or humidity, and store at room temperature. For more information, check out the Flower Petal FAQ page.

Popular Bulk Flower Petal Colors

Looking for that lavender love? Check out our selection of purples including the combo colors with white or fervent plum. Pinks are picture perfect; select from a range of tinted pink to salmon and coral. For a romantic surprise or a vibrant aisle, it doesn’t get much better than red rose petals; our sexy, silky colors range from a deep, passionate burgundy to valentine red. If you’re feeling legendary, our fame burgundy and showbiz colors make you really feel like you’re walking the red carpet. Brides can’t get enough of our white rose petal blends; you’ll love the range from champagne to porcelain. Summer yellow and sunset orange rose petals make the perfect blend for an autumn wedding or other celebration. Assorted blends get you a little bit of everything!

Bulk Flower Petal Meanings

Reds – Passion, beauty, adoration

Pinks – Tenderness, sweetness, grace

Yellows – Brightness, optimism, friendship 

White – Charm, virtue, new beginnings

Oranges – Fervor, delight, fiery desire 

Purples – Love at first sight, commemoration, love 

Mixed colors – Convey several messages at once

Types of Bulk Flower Petals

We offer freeze-dried petals from lilac, hydrangea and peony. We also sell assorted blends. Rose petals come in bulk colors of pink, purple, red, white and orange/yellow. 


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Featured Freeze Dried Rose Petals

Pink Freeze-Dried Rose Petals

Hint Of Pink Petals (30 Cups)

$100.80 - $110.25 each

Purple Freeze-Dried Rose Petals

Red Freeze-Dried Rose Petals

Showbiz Rose Petals (30 Cups)

$100.80 - $110.25 each

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