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Will your dream flower be in season for your event? Check the list below!

Flowers Available By Month

Many popular flowers and greens are available all year round. This complete list of flower names includes; focal flowers like Roses and Gerbera Daisies, filler flowers like Asters and Baby's Breath, secondary flowers like Mini Carnations, Larkspur, and Spray Roses, and plenty of greenery like Lemon Leaf and Ruscus. However, other names of flowers listed are limited to seasons and subject to varying factors that limit their availability. There are several factors that determine when flowers and greens will be available.

Flowers in Season & Flowers Out of Season

Many popular flowers and greens are available all year round. This list of annual flowers includes focal flowers such as roses and gerbera daisies, filler flowers such as asters and baby's breath, and plenty of greenery such as lemon leaf and ruscus. However, other natural floral products are limited to seasons and subject to varying factors that limit their availability. There are several factors that determine when flowers and greens will be available.

Field or Greenhouse Grown

A major availability factor is whether a flower or greenery is grown in a greenhouse or out in a field that can be impacted by the weather. For example, hydrangeas and chrysanthemums can be greenhouse grown and, as a result, sourced all months of the year. Other flowers, such as dahlias or peonies, are grown only outdoors, limiting their availability to when conditions are right for them to produce blooms.

Species Lifecycle

Some flowers and greens go through transitions during the year that make them unavailable or unsuitable for sale. Some flowering bushes and trees such as cherry produce flowers only in the spring and are available only at that time. Seeded eucalyptus is very popular for wedding arrangements and is available most of the year, but once each season, the seeds will blossom into flowers, disrupting the supply. Some greenery, such as ferns, go through a growth phase each year that makes the stems too soft for shipping and storage

Ideal Growing Conditions

High-demand flowers such as roses are grown in many areas of the world, including Ecuador and Columbia. These environments have the perfect combination of soil, rain and sunlight, allowing for the production of blooms year-round and a consistent wholesale market supply. However, even in these areas, extreme weather conditions can interrupt or reduce availability of certain varieties.

Seasonal Demand

Some flowers and greens are super popular - but only during certain times of the year. Bronze mums and brown roses are highly sought after during Thanksgiving, but unwanted during the Christmas season, for instance. As a result, flower farms grow or harvest these types of flowers only during their seasonal demand.

All of those reasons are why the flowers you want may not be available. When considering the flowers and greenery you want for your wedding or event, consult the chart below to see the expected availability. Your favorite flower might have a limited window of availability. At Blooms by the Box, we are always working with suppliers and monitoring the market to ensure you get the finest cheap wholesale flowers possible. We know you'll love our commitment to customer service almost as much as you'll love the beautiful flowers in your order.

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Agapanthus Agapanthus Available May-September
Allium Allium Available March-October
Alstroemeria Alstroemeria Available All Year
Amaranthus Hanging Amaranthus Hanging Available All Year
Anemones - Summer Anemones - Summer Available February-June
Anemones - Winter Anemones - Winter Available January-May, November-December
Anthurium Anthurium Available All Year
Aspidistra Aspidistra Available All Year
Asters Asters Available All Year
Baby's Breath Baby's Breath Available All Year
Bear Grass Bear Grass Available January-November
Bells Of Ireland Bells Of Ireland Available All Year
Billy Balls Billy Balls Available All Year
Bird of Paradise Flowers Bird of Paradise Flowers Available All Year
Brunia Brunia Available January-December
Bupleurum Bupleurum Available All Year
Calla Lilies Calla Lilies Available All Year
Carnations Carnations Available All Year
Chrysanthemums Chrysanthemums Available All Year
Cornflower Cornflower Available March-September
Cotton Cotton Available April-August
Curly Willow Curly Willow Available All Year
Cymbidium Cymbidium Available All Year
Dagger Fern Dagger Fern Available All Year
Delphinium Delphinium Available All Year
Dendrobium Dendrobium Available All Year
Dianthus Dianthus Available All Year
Dusty Miller Dusty Miller Available March-October
Eucalyptus Baby Blue Eucalyptus Baby Blue Available All Year
Eucalyptus Bonsai Eucalyptus Bonsai Available January-December
Eucalyptus Naked Seeded Eucalyptus Naked Seeded Available January-March, July-December
Eucalyptus Seeded Eucalyptus Seeded Available All Year
Eucalyptus Silver Dollar Eucalyptus Silver Dollar Available All Year
Freesia Freesia Available All Year
Galax Galax Available All Year
Garlands Garlands Available All Year
Gerbera Daisies Gerbera Daisies Available January-December
Gerpoms Gerpoms Available All Year
Ginger Ginger Available All Year
Grasses Grasses Available June-September
Gypsophila Gypsophila Available All Year
Heather Heather Available January-April, December
Herbs Herbs Available June-August
Horse Tail Horse Tail Available All Year
Huck Huck Available All Year
Hyacinthus Hyacinthus Available January-April, November-December
Hydrangea Hydrangea Available All Year
Hypericum Hypericum Available All Year
Iris Iris Available All Year
Israeli Ruscus Israeli Ruscus Available All Year
Ivy Ivy Available All Year
kale kale Available January-December
Larkspur Larkspur Available All Year
Lavender Lavender Available All Year
Lavender Dried Lavender Dried Available All Year
Leather Leaf Fern Leather Leaf Fern Available All Year
Lemon Leaf Lemon Leaf Available All Year
Leucadendron Leucadendron Available All Year
Liatris Liatris Available All Year
Lilies Lilies Available All Year
Lily Grass Lily Grass Available All Year
Limonium Limonium Available All Year
Lisianthus Lisianthus Available All Year
Magnolia Magnolia Available All Year
Millet Millet Available September-November
Ming Fern Ming Fern Available All Year
Monstera Monstera Available All Year
Myrtle Myrtle Available All Year
Nageia Nagi Nageia Nagi Available All Year
Olive Olive Available All Year
Orchids Orchids Available All Year
Peony Peony Available March-July
Pittosporum Pittosporum Available All Year
Plumosus Fern Plumosus Fern Available All Year
Poppies Poppies Available March-June
Protea Blushing Bride Protea Blushing Bride Available June-September
Protea Pincushion Protea Pincushion Available All Year
Pussy Willow Pussy Willow Available January-March, December
Queen Anne's Lace Queen Anne's Lace Available May-October
Ranunculus Ranunculus Available All Year
Roses - Garden Roses - Garden Available All Year
Roses - Long Stem Roses - Long Stem Available All Year
Roses - Spray Roses - Spray Available All Year
Roses - Sweetheart Roses - Sweetheart Available All Year
Scabiosa Scabiosa Available April-September
Sheet Moss Sheet Moss Available All Year
Snapdragons Snapdragons Available All Year
Solidago Solidago Available All Year
Sprengeri Fern Sprengeri Fern Available All Year
Star Of Bethlehem Star Of Bethlehem Available All Year
Statice Statice Available All Year
Steel Grass Steel Grass Available All Year
Stephanotis Stephanotis Available All Year
Stock Stock Available All Year
Succulents Succulents Available All Year
Sunflower Sunflower Available All Year
Sweet Pea Sweet Pea Available February-May
Sword Fern Sword Fern Available All Year
Tepee Tepee Available January-November
Thistle Thistle Available All Year
Ti Leaves Ti Leaves Available All Year
Tree Fern Tree Fern Available All Year
Tulips Tulips Available January-May, November-December
Veronica Veronica Available May-September
Wreaths - Specialty Wreaths - Specialty Available All Year
Xanadu Xanadu Available All Year
Yarrow Yarrow Available All Year