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A bunch is just that, how many stems are grouped together. Most bunches are 10 stems, but it will vary depending on the flower/greenery. Some wholesale products are sold by weight and will have an approximate stem count. You can find the number of stems sold per bunch under the product's name or in Product Details.

Given the nature of the fresh-cut flower supply chain, Blooms By The Box may need to make product substitutions on your order. These may include changes to flower types, sizes, and colors. This may not occur until the day before your delivery date. For major changes we will make every effort to contact you via phone and email to discuss your options, so please be available if possible. For minor changes, or if we cannot contact you in time, our flower experts will make every effort to make substitutions compatible with your order selections. Any reduction of value will be credited back to your payment method.

Orders can be placed up to 120 days in advance. You will select your desired delivery date during check out. We recommend that orders for weddings/big events be placed 2-3 weeks before the delivery date. Orders less than 2 weeks have a higher risk of items being unavailable. We advise having flowers delivered 2 days before your event to ensure that everything has time to rehydrate and bloom. Saturday delivery surcharge will apply.

Our photos are as accurate as possible, but there are often variations during the seasons between the growers, variety of flowers, and growing conditions. Computer monitors can cause images to appear slightly different in color than the original photo. The description will describe the flowers' color variations. The images are a good approximation of the products' shape and color, but variations are expected.

We sell flowers directly out of the wholesale market by the stem, bunch, and bulk to florists, party planners, brides, and the public. We only charge sales tax if we ship to NJ; otherwise, there is no sales tax on your purchases. If in NJ and you are incorporated, we can set you up to be tax-exempt. All other states are tax-exempt.

All flowers/greenery must be freshly trimmed with leaves and thorns removed below the waterline and rehydrated immediately upon receipt before arranging. Failure to do so may result in shortened vase life, wilting, or failure of buds to open. FloraLife solutions can be used to prolong beauty. Many varieties, especially roses, must have the outer "guard petals" removed from each bloom. For detailed instructions about unpacking and preparing your flowers, visit Blooms DIY Flowers 101 or contact Blooms Customer Service.

Flowers need water to live! Remove all the flowers from the box and remove all plastic and cardboard. Follow our flower care & prep to ensure your flowers are their most beautiful and long-lasting. Carefully follow these guidelines when handling your flowers. Do not overcrowd buckets or vases while rehydrating your flowers.

Inspect the rose petals upon arrival. Store the petals in a cool, dry place in the packaging they arrived in until you are ready to use. Do not store them in the refrigerator. You can find more answers to commonly asked questions about freeze-dried petals by clicking here.

Bouquets, Boutonnieres, and centerpieces come in all sizes and styles. It depends on your style, the flowers/greenery you choose, and personal taste. Here is information and a chart on flower quantities for flower arrangements. We also offer Blooms workshop videos. Need more help? Our floral consultants can determine which flowers to use and the number of stems you will need if you have inspirational photos! Call, chat, or email service@BloomsByTheBox.com our on-staff floral designers, with any questions.

To slow down the process of your flowers opening fast, place them in a dark room without sunlight. Keep the flowers in clean, cool water and store the flowers in a cool place with no drafts.

Our wholesale flowers do not ship with flower food. Flower food is not 100% necessary to add to the water, yet it will extend the vase life of your flowers. The most important steps to ensure long-lasting flowers are flower care & prep, and rehydrating properly. However, if you want to use flower food, you can purchase flower food packets.

Wholesale roses ship with the guard petals wrapped in corrugated cardboard to keep the blooms safe during shipping. Fresh-cut bulk roses must be groomed upon arrival, carefully removing all packaging, cutting the stems, removing thorns, and any leaves below the waterline. Rehydrate them in water and remove the outer guard petals. Guard petals will appear brown, deformed, or just ugly. Give the roses a new recut 4-6 hours after the arrival.

Roses are sold in grower bunches packed in 25 stems, and it is impossible to receive an incomplete bunch. Roses are layered in 2 rows - when you look directly down at the bunch, you will count 12 heads, but in an inner layer, you will have the remaining 13 rose stems totaling 25 stems. Be careful removing roses from the cardboard. This is an industry-standard of bunching roses together for safe traveling.

Hydrangeas are delicate flowers that require a lot of water. Cut the stems diagonally, approximately an inch from each stem's bottom edge, using sharp scissors or a knife under running water. Fill your sink or a deep bowl with water and dunk the heads of the hydrangeas right under cool water. Gently pat them dry with paper towels and place stems in clean, cool water when removing them from the water. The flowers will drink a substantial amount of water upon arrival.

Check out this post all about the topic in the Blooms Blog.

We are a full-service supplier of fresh-cut wholesale flowers located in the United States. Many online wholesale flower suppliers are offshore entities or growers in other countries who only know how to ship large quantities of farm-direct flowers. Unlike these others, BloomsByTheBox provides full service, a huge selection unparalleled on the Internet, and low minimum quantities.

We do not have free samples, but with our low $99.00 minimum order, you can order minimum quantities of any flowers/greenery.

We buy flowers from the finest growers worldwide, including Central America, South America, Europe, and the United States. Our growers must meet our high standards for quality and consistency and are known as the finest in the industry. You can be sure that you are getting the best flowers in the world with every order!

Flowers/greenery are shipped via FedEx Priority Overnight, while all supplies, including freeze-dried petals, are shipped separately with FedEx Ground. Delivery date and time will vary by carrier, zip code, and other factors, and is not guarantee by BloomsByTheBox. Sign in to your Blooms account or check your email for FedEx tracking numbers late afternoon the day before delivery for estimated delivery time. We highly recommend signing up with Fedex Delivery Manager to manage and track your deliveries.

Flower Shipping rates apply to Tuesday-Friday deliveries. Saturday delivery can be requested with a $20 surcharge added to your order. BloomsByTheBox does not guarantee delivery date or time.Not all zip codes have Saturday delivery service.. If you can't select a Saturday delivery, this is likely why. See rates on shipping & delivery. BloomsByTheBox does not ship to Hawaii, Alaska, Puerto Rico, or Canada.

Our huge selection of grower-fresh wholesale flowers, fillers, and greens are available for sale to everyone. Florists, restaurants, hotels, caterers, wedding planners, brides, or individuals now can all take advantage of our fantastic selection, low prices, and quick delivery of the finest-quality wholesale flowers, including roses, carnations, lilies, hydrangeas, gerberas, greens, and even wholesale floral and wedding flower supplies. No sales tax certificate is required.

No, we ship directly out of the wholesale market and do not have a retail center. Our corporate office is in Watchung, NJ.

All orders must meet a $99.00 total order value. In addition, orders containing fresh-cut flowers must include at least $99.00 worth of fresh-cut flowers. "Fresh-cut flowers" do not include flower petals.

The shipping address can be changed up until the day before the requested delivery date. (Excludes supplies as they ship before flowers/greenery). You can reach out to our customer service team by calling or emailing service@BlooomsByTheBox.com.

The exact day/time that orders are delivered will vary by destination and is not guaranteed by BloomsByTheBox. You can request delivery instructions directly with FedEx if you visit the FedEx Delivery Manager to better track and control your deliveries.

What does it mean when I see "* __ Day Advance Purchase Required * The earliest available delivery for this item when ordered today is _____."?

Some items must be ordered in advance to allow special order processing and/or transit time from our suppliers and growers. When you put the item(s) into your cart with advanced purchase requirements, your available delivery dates will reflect your order's earliest delivery date with those item(s) included.

Use our delivery date calculator to get help choosing your requested delivery date at checkout. BloomsByTheBox does not guarantee delivery date or time.

Supplies ship FedEx ground and include ground shipping rates separate from fresh cut flowers/ greenery and shipping fees. Supplies may take 1-5 days for delivery based on your address. Delivery date and time is not guaranteed by BloomsByTheBox and supplies and petals may arrive in advance of flowers and greens. If you need your supplies within 5 days of placing your order, contact BloomsByTheBox to inquire about availability and expedited shipping charges.

We ship flowers via "FedEx Priority Overnight service." Delivery time will vary by destination, zip code, and other factors and is not guaranteed by BloomsByTheBox. Sign in to your Blooms account or check your email for tracking numbers the day before delivery for estimated delivery time. We also recommend you sign up with Fedex Delivery Manager to manage better and track your deliveries.

BloomsByTheBox does not require a signature. However, FedEx allows drivers to refuse to leave unattended packages at their discretion. Exposure to heat or cold will damage fresh flowers. BloomsByTheBox highly recommends that you make arrangements to have flowers unbox, trimmed, and hydrate immediately upon delivery to prevent wilting, browning, and shortened vase life.

Blooms By The Box customer service will assist you in adding items to your order over the phone. Call us at 1 (855) BUY BLOOMS with your order number and credit card information. We cannot add to your order with PayPal payment. We do not store credit card or PayPal information.

Current state laws require us to charge New Jersey sales tax (6.625 percent) on all wholesale flower and supply orders shipped to a New Jersey address. If you are reselling the flowers, you can contact customer service with your resale certificate, and sales tax will not be collected on your orders.

Yes, we constantly buy worldwide, keeping prices competitive at market value. BloomsByTheBox.com updates prices and products at the best prices available each day.

Once your wholesale flower and supply order has processed payment, you will receive an email acknowledging your order and a receipt for the products purchased. Sign up with FedEx Delivery Manager to better manage your FedEx deliveries.

You will need to contact customer service to add, subtract or cancel your order. Changes and cancellations can be made fourteen (14) days before the requested delivery date. Items with advance purchase requirements cannot be changed or canceled. Non-perishable products may be delivered before the requested delivery date and cannot be changed or canceled once in transit. If you add to your order, we will take payment at that time; we do not keep credit cards on file. There is no additional charge for order changes. Cancellations may be subject to a 10% (ten percent) restocking fee. To request a change to or cancellation of your order, contact Blooms Customer Service.

Our goal is to provide our customers with the best service from the moment you enter our website until your flowers are on display. Some factors, however, are beyond our control and may affect the order process, delivery, and condition of flowers. If you are not satisfied with the condition of any items received, contact Blooms Customer Service within 24 hours of receipt and provide clear photographic images of the product(s) in question, evidencing all affected stems via email to service@BlooomsByTheBox.com. BloomsByTheBox will provide flower care instructions, offer replacement products, or issue a refund for photographed items at its discretion. BloomsByTheBox may require a return of the product before any refund is issued.

Flowers are highly perishable and time-sensitive products. BloomsByTheBox is not responsible for damages resulting from customer absence, deliveries left in inclement weather, products left in the packaging or improperly handled by the customer, or loss or delivery delays during transit. All re-shipment or refund requests must be made within 24 hours of receipt of your order. BloomsByTheBox does not guarantee delivery date or time.

To view more on our guarantee and return policy, please click here.

We accept all major credit cards, including Visa, Mastercard, American Express, and Discovery. We also accept payments via PayPal. If you want to prepay by check, please contact us at 1 (855) BUY-BLOOMS to discuss the payment option. We do not store credit card or PayPal information.

Our payment system is secure and needs to verify the billing address and CVC/CVV code. Your billing address and shipping address do not need to be the same. If you are declined and have issues with your payment card, please contact your bank first and contact us for assistance.

You will be billed for your order immediately upon placing your order. BloomsByTheBox respects the privacy of its customers and ensures that all personal information remains completely confidential. It is only used solely to complete your order.