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Rose Quartz & Serenity Flowers

Rose Quartz and Serenity Flowers for Weddings and Events

If you want your wedding or special event to look hip and on-trend, choose rose quartz flowers and serenity flowers for your bouquets and arrangements. In addition to being utterly romantic and elegant, these hues also happened to be incredibly popular. In fact, they were both selected as Pantone "Colors of the Year". That makes them a perfect fit for just about any occasion you’re hosting. Rose quartz and serenity are two Pantone colors that just so happen to go perfectly together. Rose quartz is a soft, pale pink tone with a subtle orange undertone, while serenity offers a new take on powder blue, with a beautiful hint to purple and gray. Pantone-colored flowers are impossibly perfect for graphic designers, artists and color-lovers who are tying the knot!

Rose Quartz and Serenity Flower Combinations

These delicate pink and bluish-purple shades are fairly neutral and simple, so they pair well with bolder and more dramatic colors. However, many of today’s event planners and brides are opting to keep things light and airy by sticking to just serenity and rose quartz for their pastel flower arrangements. The great news is that so many beautiful colors come in these shades, including romantic garden roses, lush hydrangeas and eye-catching irises. Mix and match flowers from this collection to create a gorgeous color palette for your next big event. These beautiful blossoms look especially stately when paired with soft greens, whites and creams.

Not only do we offer these two pastel-inspired shades in classic styles, but we also offer unconventional flowers for brides in search of unique wedding arrangements. For example, you can work in super rustic succulents in dusty grays and greens for that trendy yet out-of-the-box look that so many brides love, or you can keep things contemporary yet elegant with our light pink garden roses and hydrangeas. If you’re struggling with which type of flower to choose, you can always reach out to us at Blooms by the Box for customized advice.

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$2.95 - $3.10 per stem

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