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Stock flowers, also known as gillyflowers and/or Virginia stock, are known for their beautiful colorful sprays of blossoms on long stems. Their strong, clove-like scent makes them a favorite for those who like a little spice! These lush, vibrant flowers originated from the Mediterranean regions of southern Greece southern Albania; they symbolize a happy life, purity, a contented existence, and lasting beauty. In other cultures, they represent a long-lived life and immense happiness. These meanings make them ideal for use in wedding bouquets, wedding or anniversary centerpieces and other special-occasion floral arrangements to promote a happy life and a successful marriage.

Stock Flower Colors

One of the benefits of stock flowers is their amazing range of colors. Our stock flowers colors have brilliant, multi-color hues, including cream, peach, fuchsia, pink, lavender, purple, mid blue and white stock flowers. They can easily be included in a myriad of different arrangement themes, including traditional, modern and romantically whimsical. Stock flowers are also beloved in centerpieces and DIY flower arrangements because of their lovely fullness. The fullness of stock flowers mixed with colorful blooms is budget-friendly for a rustic romantic backyard wedding. Each stem contains multiple blossoms and are an excellent choice to add height and abundance to your arrangements. They are beautiful when added to other wildflower varieties such as Queen Anne’s Lace, snapdragons, larkspur, thistle, and mini sunflowers. We have so many professional tips and flower options. It is limitless when you choose stock flowers from Blooms by the Box! 

Stock Flower Care

Flower care for cut stock flowers is similar to most other fresh-cut flowers. When your stock flowers arrive to your door, begin the care process by removing any leaves and foliage from the lower parts of the stems that will be submerged in water. This prevents rotting and premature wilting. Cut the end of the stem at a 45-degree angle to promote water absorption and keep your flowers alive longer. Place them in a vase filled with clean, fresh water. Feed them with cut flower food and store them in a cool place away from direct sunlight, drafts, and heat.

Choose Blooms by the Box

Our stock flowers come to you directly from our farm. Enjoy farm-fresh blooms delivered right to your door. Browse our site and order your box of blooms today, and create something extraordinary and unique with Blooms by the Box! Questions? Don’t hesitate to contact us.

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Stock Cream Flower

$33.21 - $34.44 per bunch

Stock Deep Pink / Fuchsia Flowers

$33.21 - $34.44 per bunch

Stock Lavender Flowers

$33.21 - $34.44 per bunch

Stock Mid Blue Flower

$33.21 - $34.44 per bunch


Stock Peach Flowers

$33.21 - $34.44 $31.55 - $32.72 per bunch

Stock Pink Flowers

$33.21 - $34.44 per bunch

Stock Purple Flowers

$33.21 - $34.44 per bunch

Stock White Flower

$33.21 - $34.44 per bunch

Bulk Stock

Stock Assorted Bulk

$19.65 per bunch

Stock Hot Pink Bulk

$25.31 per bunch

Stock Pink Bulk

$25.31 per bunch

Stock Purple Bulk

$25.31 per bunch

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