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Let luscious shades of purple mark a memorable occasion by incorporating bulk purple flowers from Blooms by the Box into your event. Our selection of a number of flower varieties and shades come by the stem, bunch and box, so it’s easy to buy purple flowers for any event, large or small. Our wholesale light purple mums are incredibly popular for spring and summer events, while our deep purple carnations, snapdragons and calla lilies look absolutely stunning at fall and winter weddings. There are so many shades of purple flowers including amethyst purple, indigo purple, lilac purple, mulberry purple, periwinkle purple, plum purple royal purple and wine purple. Look at how well purple pops in a yellow sunflower bouquet!

Hip brides and event planners are creating truly unique DIY flower arrangements, bouquets and centerpieces using our wholesale dark purple roses, bulk purple hydrangeas, wholesale lavender roses, bulk purple tulips and more. You can use our luscious purple tulips and hydrangeas for effortlessly chic spring-themed DIY wedding flower arrangements or complement your winter wedding theme with rich and velvety deep purple carnations and calla lilies. Shades range from light, airy lavender to bold near-black to ensure that you find a tone that’s utterly ideal for your individual vision.

We also carry purple-themed flower packs to make decorating simple and affordable. These elegant packs include a variety of blossoms tailored to your vision for the special event, whether it be rustic, down-to-earth, casual, romantic or decadent. Create a truly traditional purple bouquet or centerpiece with many shades of purple roses or let your avant-garde style run wild with one-of-a-kind purple kale and anemones. With a strong history tied to royalty, purple is said to signify ceremony, dignity, pride and success, so it’s always a great option for lavish, sophisticated and traditional weddings.

Thankfully, purple is a common flower color that regularly occurs in nature, but we also expand upon this shade with spray-tinted purple flowers that bring bigger, bolder and brighter colors. 

Browse the full collection now to find your perfect purple flowers at Blooms by the Box. We proudly offer purple roses and other best-selling blooms at wholesale prices to help you come in under budget. At these unbeatable prices, you’ll be able to buy purple flowers by the bunch, stem or pack to ensure that you get the appropriate amount for your needs.  

How to Care for Fresh Purple Flowers

To care for your purple flowers, make sure to unbox them as soon as they arrive. Cut the stems at a diagonal angle under water and then arrange them in vases with room temperature water — add water-soluble plant food if you’d like. Be sure to let them rehydrate for a day prior to the event so that they can be at their best for your special day.

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Alstromeria Purple

$17.16 - $18.81 per bunch

Assorted Herbs Bulk

$13.88 per bunch

Purple Statice Flowers Bulk

$14.84 - $15.53 per bunch

Matsumoto Aster Purple Flowers

$24.57 - $26.93 per bunch


Monte Casino Aster Purple Flowers

$14.69 - $16.10 $13.96 - $15.30 per bunch

Cremon Mum Lavender

$30.16 - $32.24 per bunch

Cushion Pompon Purple Flowers

$14.36 - $15.35 per bunch

Statice Purple Flowers

$16.39 - $18.08 per bunch


Wax Flower Purple

$35.67 - $39.36 $33.89 - $37.39 per bunch

Gerpom Purple Flower

$3.36 - $3.54 per stem

Kale Purple

$6.48 - $6.84 per stem

Larkspur Purple Bulk

$32.18 per bunch

Purple Larkspur Flower

$29.51 - $31.78 per bunch


Purple Lisianthus Flowers

$50.16 - $56.43 $47.65 - $53.61 per bunch


Dianthus Purple

$24.65 - $25.50 $23.42 - $24.23 per bunch

Liatris Purple

$23.49 - $24.30 per bunch

Dendrobium Bombay Purple

$40.79 - $44.96 per bunch

Dendrobium Orchid Purple

$43.12 - $47.52 per bunch

Purple Ranunculus Flower

$35.10 - $38.70 per bunch

Rose Deep Purple 60cm Bulk

$2.88 - $2.99 per stem

Rose Deep Purple 40cm Bulk

$2.36 - $2.49 per stem

Rose Deep Purple 50 cm. Bulk

$2.92 - $3.05 per stem

Rose Purple Haze 50 cm. Bulk

$2.78 - $2.92 per stem

Rose Blueberry 40cm

$2.36 - $2.51 per stem

Rose Blueberry 50cm

$3.00 - $3.15 per stem

Rose Cool Water Lavender 60cm

$4.50 - $4.65 per stem

Snapdragon Purple Flowers

$30.53 - $32.66 per bunch

Stock Mid Blue Flower

$33.21 - $34.44 per bunch

Stock Purple Flowers

$33.21 - $34.44 per bunch

Tulip Purple

$27.50 - $29.00 per bunch

Allium Purple Sensation Flower

Allium Purple Sensation Flower

$30.16 - $31.72 per bunch

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