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Wedding Wildflower Packs

For that romantic and natural boho look that’s all over Pinterest these days, use wholesale wildflowers for weddings from Blooms by the Box. Wildflowers are the perfect way to add a pop of color to your big day. Plus, they’re so easy to mix and match that it makes DIY floral arrangements a breeze. And to make it even easier, Blooms by the Box has put together a number of options for those who love wildflowers for weddings. You can choose your pack based on a basic color scheme or theme and know that you’ll get perfectly matched flowers that are ready to be assembled for the most fabulous floral arrangements and wedding wildflower bouquets you can imagine.

When it comes to wedding flowers, wildflowers are one of the best choices for the DIY-savvy bride or event planner. They have a rustic, natural and woodsy feel that’s certain to make a big impression on your guests without cutting out a big chunk of your budget. Blooms by the Box offers the best wholesale prices on wedding wildflower packs, so order yours to ensure gorgeous flowers for your wedding day.

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