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At Blooms by the Box, we contend that there is no better way to celebrate a wedding, birthday, anniversary or other celebratory event than with multi-color flowers!? Our wholesale multi-color flowers and colorful fillers are perfect for any budget-conscious bride or event planner who is looking to infuse DIY arrangements with multi-dimensional pops of color. Our multi-color selection includes flowers that have combinations of two (and sometimes three) hues, ranging from pretty pastels to rich, rainbow colors,and jeweled tones. Multiple-colored flowers include yellow, orange, pink, white, green, and white. Our multiple-colored roses can add a festive feeling to your event!


Kinds of Multi-Colored Flowers

Having troubling deciding which blooms to choose? When selecting multi-colored flowers from Blooms by the Box, let the theme and the spirit of your wedding or type of event help you decide to guide your colorful decision. If you are hosting a garden-theme party, surround your guests with centerpieces and arrangements of that include fancy yellow gladiolus, orange, and pink snapdragons and irises. Infuse some lush fullness with one of our versatile, long-lasting alstroemeria varieties. For extra freshness, add our assorted bulk daisy pompons, multiple-colored roses, dendrobium, and mini calla lilies. For a romantic evening wedding in a grand ballroom, opt for a sophisticated blend of classic Cezanne roses and cymbidium spray orchids surrounded by lush greens. If you will be entertaining friends and family outdoors for a barn wedding, our green antique hydrangea, alstroemeria and purple, and white kale create the perfect backdrop for the rustic occasion. We also have assorted multi-color flower petals that are freeze dried for long-lasting beauty. Sprinkle them on tables, in aisles or in vases for accents that will make your special occasion a memorable one.

Do not forget to accent your flowers with multi-colored greenery, such as variegated pittosporum, leucadendron, variegated aspidistra, variegated ivy and more. In addition to perfectly complementing multi-colored flowers, they add dimension to bouquets of solid-colored florals. Greenery adds fullness and verdant freshness to your multi-color flower arrangements, centerpieces, and bouquets. Put your own special touch into your multi-color DIY flower arrangements and make them just how you want them, using the multi-color flowers of your choice. We’re here for you at Blooms by the Box!


Our Most Popular Multi-Color Flowers

Our most popular multi-colored blooms are ideal for any season and any occasion. Transform your tabletops, vases, and arrangements into a multi-color wonderland with these festive, colorful selections. Choose mini Picasso calla lilies, with their creamy-white tubular blossoms that feature dramatic purple centers and a yellow spadix. These mini Picasso calla lilies are excellent for a dramatic floral addition! Mini peach calla lilies, with their elegant fluted cups, have soft shades of yellow, pink and peachy coral. Or, opt for white cymbidium orchid sprays with their yellow center lips and pretty pink accents within their delicate white petals. Featuring a pink center with creamy white outer petals and hints of light green, our Esperance rose is one of our customer favorites. Cherry brandy roses have a bi-color combination of vibrant pink and sherbet orange, which makes them a fresh alternative to classic pink and red roses.


Choose Blooms By The Box!

Blooms by the Box is your go-to choice for multi-color fresh-cut flowers. Our multi-color flowers make gorgeous arrangements and are delivered, farm-fresh, to your front door. Mix and match these colorful blossoms and create something that is uniquely special with Blooms by the Box

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Orange Alstroemeria Flower

$17.16 - $18.81 per bunch

Pink Alstroemeria Flower

$17.16 - $18.81 per bunch


White Alstroemeria Flower

$23.27 - $25.51 $22.11 - $24.23 per bunch

Calla Lily Mini Burgundy Flower

$46.43 - $49.27 per bunch


Calla Lily Mini Peach Flower

$46.43 - $49.27 $44.11 - $46.81 per bunch

Calla Lily Mini Picasso Flower

$46.43 - $49.27 per bunch

Iris Purple

$21.14 - $22.65 per bunch

Kale Purple

$6.48 - $6.84 per stem

Kale White Flower

$5.81 - $6.13 per stem


Cymbidium Orchid Spray White Flowers

$40.18 - $44.28 $38.17 - $42.07 per stem

Dendrobium Bombay Purple

$40.79 - $44.96 per bunch

Dendrobium Dyed Blue Large Flower

$44.10 - $48.60 per bunch

Rose Deep Purple 40cm Bulk

$2.36 - $2.49 per stem

Rose Deep Purple 50 cm. Bulk

$2.92 - $3.05 per stem

Rose Esperance 50 cm. Bulk

$2.78 - $2.92 per stem

Rose Esperance 60 Cm Bulk

$2.76 - $2.88 per stem

Rose Free Spirit 50 cm. Bulk

$2.92 - $3.05 per stem

Rose High & Magic 50 cm. Bulk

$2.78 - $2.92 per stem

Rose Paloma 40 cm Bulk

$2.13 - $2.25 per stem

Rose Paloma 50cm Bulk

$2.42 - $2.53 per stem

Rose Voodoo 50cm Bulk

$2.78 - $2.92 per stem

Rose Cherry Brandy 50cm

$3.45 - $3.60 per stem

Rose Deep Purple 60cm

$3.98 - $4.11 per stem

Rose Esperance 60 Cm

$3.05 - $3.18 per stem

Rose High & Magic 40cm

$2.36 - $2.49 per stem

Rose High Magic 50cm

$2.78 - $2.92 per stem

Rose Voodoo Orange 60cm

$3.62 - $3.78 per stem



$26.46 $25.14 per bunch

Cabbage Kale Assorted Bulk

Cabbage Kale Assorted Bulk

$3.16 per stem

Sunflower Bicolor With Black Center - Bulk

Sunflower Bicolor With Black Center - Bulk

$12.00 per bunch

Garden Rose Princess Suki Bi-color - Bulk

Garden Rose Princess Suki Bi-color - Bulk

$71.55 - $77.91 per bunch

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