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A box of spray roses may sound simple, but with just a few DIY tips from Blooms by the Box, it can turn into a truly stunning floral display. With this selection of spray roses, wholesale prices make for easy wedding and event planning. You can skip right past the overpriced florist and have these lovely spray roses shipped straight to your door. Blooms by the Box offers lush, beautiful flowers that can be shipped the very next day to ensure optimal freshness with every order.

Spray roses colors range from hot pink and orange to soft purple and white, which makes it easy to match these elegant flowers to your color palette for any event. Spary roses are smaller roses, with smaller flowers that create beautiful DIY boutonnieres, corsages or vintage romantic table centerpieces. In addition to the beauty, our affordable prices are particularly appealing to budget-conscious brides and event planners. These roses are easy to arrange to fit any type of flower centerpiece or bouquet inspiration you might have in mind, so be sure to place your order for white spray roses, peach spray roses or another rose color at Blooms by the Box.


Popular Spray Rose Colors

Our spray roses come in a wide assortment of colors, including some you just don’t see every day! You’ll love Chablis, a soft, creamy color that is the hue of champagne, the sweetness of peach and the rare vision of lavender. Purple sky boasts a gradient like the warmth of the setting sun, while light pink carries a uniform romance. You can’t go wrong with hot pink and red to make a bold statement, while orange and yellow will brighten anyone’s day. For a blank canvas, shop our white and pure white majolica tones. Regardless of the wedding theme you’re trying to match, our vast selection of wholesale spray roses will perfectly suit any need.

Spray Rose Color Meanings

Red – Romance, love

Pink – Admiration, sweetness, care

Yellow – Friendship, joy, good cheer

White – Purity, innocence, both new beginnings and remembrance

Lavender – Love, relationships, just-to-say-I-love-you

Orange – Energy, feistiness, excitement, date night

Peach – Gratefulness, appreciation, thank you

Cream – Charm, thoughtfulness 

Types of Spray Roses

Unlike single long stem roses, spray roses feature small, tight blooms that grow on multiple stems off one long stem and create a nice complement in a flower bouquet to their single- Remember to order your DIY floral supplies too!

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Spray Rose Chablis

$37.48 - $39.88 per bunch

Spray Rose Hot Pink

$37.48 - $39.88 per bunch

Spray Rose Lavender

$25.73 - $27.38 per bunch

Spray Rose Light Pink

$37.48 - $39.88 per bunch

Spray Rose Orange

$37.48 - $39.88 per bunch

Spray Rose Peach

$37.48 - $39.88 per bunch

Spray Rose Purple Sky

$37.48 - $39.88 per bunch

Spray Rose Red

$37.48 - $39.88 per bunch

Spray Rose White

$52.88 - $56.25 per bunch

Spray Rose White Majolica

$37.48 - $39.88 per bunch

Spray Rose Yellow

$37.48 - $39.88 per bunch

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