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Lavender Flowers for Weddings and Events

Whether you order by the stem, by the bunch or by the box, these wholesale lavender flowers are sure to add a lovely touch to your wedding or other special event. The light purple tone of these flowers is ideal for creating a simple and beautifully timeless look. Lavender flowers pair well with pinks and whites to create a more neutral, whimsical look, or you can add lavender flowers in with darker shades to create dramatic contrasts. Either way, Blooms by the Box has a wide selection of lavender flower styles to ensure you can create a look that fits your theme, whether you’re going for a luxurious and romantic setting or you want to create the trendy bohemian look for your special day.

Thinking about capturing your elegant, feminine side with lavender wedding flowers? We have all of the blooming blossoms required to help you nail your DIY lavender wedding bouquets and centerpieces. Ever-popular options like hydrangeas and roses get the purple treatment at Blooms by the Box, so that you can have the flowers you’re familiar with in a shade that suits your theme. We’ve seen crafty brides create one-of-a-kind purple bouquets in various shades' of lavender, deep purple and burgundy for an intriguing, multi-dimensional appeal. Purple roses, dahlias and other focal flowers also pair nicely with bright whites, creams, pinks and greens.

Blooms by the Box also offers plenty of high-quality lavender flower options that you can use for table scatter, wedding toss and more. We offer low-cost dried lavender that makes the perfect rice alternative for tossing at your down-to-earth wedding as well as soft, sumptuous lavender rose petals for the flower girls. It doesn’t matter your wedding or event theme, Blooms by the Box has the fresh cut flowers at wholesale prices required for unbeatable beauty on a budget. Be sure to explore our selection of purple flowers for deeper options.

Caring for Lavender Flowers

All of our flowers are carefully packaged to ensure optimal safety during transport. Once they arrive at your door, unwrap your beautiful blooms and begin the rehydration process. Cut the stems of your flowers under water at a diagonal angle and then add them to a vase with 4 inches of clean water. You’re also welcome to add the provided plant food to the water in the vase. Once the flowers are in water, remove any greens that fall below the water line so as to avoid foul-smelling and cloudy water.

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Cremon Mum Lavender

$30.16 - $32.24 per bunch

Cushion Pompon Lavender

$14.36 - $15.35 per bunch

Football Mum Lavender

$2.58 - $2.71 per stem

Pompon Daisy Lavender Flowers

$11.46 - $12.25 per bunch

Spider Anastasia Lavender Flower

$21.90 - $23.41 per bunch

Hybrid Delphinium Purple

$36.44 - $39.83 per bunch

Lavender Dried Flower

$21.90 - $24.16 per bunch


Statice Lavender Flowers

$19.14 - $21.12 $18.18 - $20.06 per bunch

Agapanthus Blue Flowers

$41.18 - $42.60 per bunch

English Lavender (10 Bunches)

$138.60 - $147.00 per box

French Lavender (10 Bunches)

$138.60 - $147.00 per box

Heather (10 Bunches)

$133.65 - $141.75 per box

Rose Amnesia 50 cm. Bulk

$2.78 - $2.92 per stem

Rose Cool Water 40 cm. Bulk

$2.36 - $2.49 per stem

Rose Cool Water 50 cm. Bulk

$2.92 - $3.05 per stem

Rose Faith 50 cm. Bulk

$2.78 - $2.92 per stem

Rose Lavender 40 cm. Bulk

$2.25 - $2.39 per stem

Rose Lavender 50 cm. Bulk

$2.78 - $2.92 per stem

Rose Moody Blues 50 cm. Bulk

$2.78 - $2.92 per stem

Rose Ocean Song 50 cm. Bulk

$2.92 - $3.05 per stem

Rose Purple Haze 50 cm. Bulk

$2.78 - $2.92 per stem

Rose Cool Water Lavender 60cm

$4.50 - $4.65 per stem

Rose Faith 40 Cm

$2.36 - $2.51 per stem

Snapdragon Lavender Flower

$26.45 - $28.29 per bunch

Spray Rose Lavender

$25.73 - $27.38 per bunch

Purple Sweet Pea Flowers (10 Bunches)

Purple Sweet Pea Flowers (10 Bunches)

$107.30 - $112.85 per box

Sweet Pea Lavender (10 Bunches)

Sweet Pea Lavender (10 Bunches)

$107.30 - $111.00 per box

Lavender Scabiosa  Flowers (10 Bunches)

Lavender Scabiosa Flowers (10 Bunches)

$118.40 - $129.50 per box

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