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Square Glass Vases

Our wholesale square or rectangle glass vases are sold in multiple, bulk units and are priced right to help you create stunning DIY fresh-cut floral centerpieces, bouquets and décor with a one-of-a-kind flair. Made from high-quality glass, these substantial, versatile vases can complement modern or traditional looks, or add classic touch to your tabletop arrangements. Crystal clear glass allows for the natural beauty, color and texture of the blooms to shine through, and complements a wide variety of décor, colors, motifs and themes.

Choose from Blooms by the Box’s excellent selection of sizes, heights and openings that will allow for a wide variety of effects. Our square vase selections vary from 2-inch openings to 8-inch openings. Find high-quality rectangle glass vases that are available in extra-small to extra-large rectangular glass vase sizes that will meet a variety of floral centerpiece needs. Use the same height and size for a uniform effect or add several sizes for additional drama and height. The choice is yours!

Place these square glass vases on mirrored trays with votive candles for a dramatic, floating effect. Or, fill them with floating flowers, floating candles, candy, party or wedding favors and more for a creative, unexpected tabletop spin. These popular vases are an ideal selection for your special occasion and will make creating gorgeous centerpiece arrangements of your dreams quick and easy. 

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8 Inch Opening Square

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