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One of Pantone's "Color of the Year" is "Ultra Violet", a rich, vibrant shade of purple.  Ultra Violet flowers are the perfect choice for a color palette in wedding flowers.  "Deep, vibrant and mesmerizing" describes this shade of purple and the selection of violet flowers, fillers and greens that match it is wide. Pantone Ultra Violet pairs beautifully with light color shades such as whites, creams, pinks, lavenders, greens as well as bolder and more dramatic colors like yellows, reds, and oranges.


Here are some of our favorite selections in keeping with this color that will be sure to wow everyone at your wedding party and beyond! Mix and match these flowers to create your dream wedding come true. Contact us for help with bringing your ultra violet flowers to life.

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Matsumoto Aster Purple Flowers

$24.57 - $26.93 per bunch


Monte Casino Aster Purple Flowers

$14.69 - $16.10 $13.96 - $15.30 per bunch

Calla Lily Mini Black Flower

$46.43 - $49.27 per bunch


Statice Lavender Flowers

$19.14 - $21.12 $18.18 - $20.06 per bunch

Statice Purple Flowers

$16.39 - $18.08 per bunch

Iris Purple

$21.14 - $22.65 per bunch

Purple Larkspur Flower

$29.51 - $31.78 per bunch


Purple Lisianthus Flowers

$50.16 - $56.43 $47.65 - $53.61 per bunch


Dianthus Purple

$24.65 - $25.50 $23.42 - $24.23 per bunch

Dendrobium Orchid Purple

$43.12 - $47.52 per bunch

Purple Ranunculus Flower

$35.10 - $38.70 per bunch

Rose Deep Purple 50cm

$3.18 - $3.31 per stem

Snapdragon Burgundy Flowers

$26.45 - $28.29 per bunch

Snapdragon Purple Flowers

$30.53 - $32.66 per bunch

Stock Mid Blue Flower

$33.21 - $34.44 per bunch

Stock Purple Flowers

$33.21 - $34.44 per bunch

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