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If you want your wedding to be totally unique and distinctive, then these hypericum flowers from Blooms by the Box are the perfect fit for your event. This unusual flower has a lovely and delicate look thanks to multiple small berry stems adding texture to your arrangements. The eye-catching way that hypericum blooms makes it particularly stunning for classic bouquets and centerpieces. These small berries make perfect boutounniere or corsages, coming in a variety of colors to match any color scheme! It is not just for weddings, add red hypericum berries to a holiday centerpiece

At Blooms by the Box, we offer wholesale bulk hypericum for brides and event planners who aren’t afraid to tackle a do-it-yourself floral project. Our hypericum arrives fresh and bright, and the easy color grouping makes it easy to apply as needed. We also offer DIY tutorials to walk you through any of your event or wedding décor tasks. Turn to Blooms by the Box to get wholesale hypericum by the box, bunch or stem.

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Hypericum Burgundy Flowers

$25.96 - $28.64 per bunch

Hypericum Excellent Flair

$20.74 - $22.88 per bunch


Hypericum Green

$20.74 - $22.88 $19.70 - $21.74 per bunch


Hypericum Peach Berries

$21.90 - $24.16 $20.81 - $22.95 per bunch

Hypericum Pink

$21.90 - $24.16 per bunch

Hypericum Red Berries

$21.90 - $24.16 per bunch


Hypericum White Flowers

$24.65 - $27.20 $23.42 - $25.84 per bunch

Bulk Hypericum

Hypericum Green Bulk

$19.38 per bunch

Hypericum Red Bulk

$19.38 per bunch

Hypericum White Bulk

$23.25 per bunch

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