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Succulents are special and unique plants that offer wonderful alternatives to traditional wedding flowers. While these cactus relatives aren’t flowers, they still carry a special meaning that can be representative of your union on the big day. Succulents are said to represent endless and timeless love and, depending on the variety, can also stand for good fortune and prosperity. There are dozens of different succulent varieties, many of which are available from Blooms by the Box.

Choose from a set of assorted succulents that have pre-mixed varieties ready for display or choose from several single-variety packs of succulents. Some of the types of succulents available from Blooms by the Box include Lipstick, Black Prince, Green Velvet, Setosa, Blue Star, Elegance, Agavoides Green, Hookeri, Lindsyana, Colorata, Paris Palace, Rondo, Shaviana, Nurnberg and Taurus. Each of these succulent types has different colors and features that make them unique, with most of them available in different sizes ranging from small to large. Wholesale succulents are perfect for DIY wedding and party planners who want to achieve a natural yet elegant final result that won’t wilt on a hot summer day. Succulents are hardy, long lasting, and gorgeous look in DIY flower bouquets and table centerpieces. Create a rustic floating centerpiece, have your guests put together their own succulent planters as a fun party favor or use a “bloom” as a stylish hair accessory — however you choose to use wholesale succulents from Blooms by the Box, you’re guaranteed to get the highest quality product at the most reasonable prices.

Caring for succulents is easy because there is no need to keep them in a cooler or use floral preservatives on them, they simply need to be sprayed lightly with water in order to keep them fresh. After your event is over, you can also propagate your succulents as they will grow roots or even an entirely new plant in damp soil.


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