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When it comes time to hang your displays, we don’t want to leave you hanging.

Whether you are a seasoned event planner, decorating expert, crafty savant or DIY bride, you know that displaying flowers require additional supplies, from mounting and display hardware to colorful containers and decorations. That’s why, as part of our mission to offer the best bulk flower-buying experience on the internet, we offer a wide variety of florist supplies and flower arrangement supplies.

Blooms by the Box is the best source for all your flower arranging supplies. Whether you're a floral shop that needs to restock, a bride planning a do-it-yourself wedding or an organization selling flower bouquets for a fundraising campaign, you'll find the floral shop supplies you need to create beautiful flower arrangements. We provide wholesale flowers and supplies to discriminating consumers who would rather do it themselves — and save money!

These florist shop supplies are designed for perfect presentations. They are professional-grade products used by the retail flower industry. Our floral supplies are available at low wholesale prices. You'll find a wide variety of cellophane, foil, sleeves and bags. There are floral containers in different materials and styles, from rustic to elegant, and floral ribbons in a huge choice of colors. We also offer a selection of floral dyes, floral foam and flower food, as well as solutions for keeping your flowers fresh. See our Flower Preparation department for special adhesives, floral tape, scissors and clippers, stems, sleeves and wires — all the tools of the trade!

  • Containers: We offer a wide variety of containers, from vases to urns. Some of these are standard classics, made to provide a traditional look. We also browse Pinterest and Etsy just as much as you do — if not more — and quickly stock our shelves with the latest trendy designs, from hobnail glass to birch planters.
  • Floral ribbon and cellophane: Decorate your flowers with our collection of floral ribbon, cellophane and floral dyes.
  • Food, Solutions and Preparation: Keep your flowers healthy with flower food and solutions designed to provide long life, and put those flowers together in bouquets or displays with preparation tools just like the pros use.

Future brides who are planning their special day should browse our wedding supplies, which include everything the DIY bride needs to design a memorable event. For those who follow the latest trends in weddings, we offer our curated selection of trendy floral supplies. See what's currently hot in wedding décor!

What kind of event are you planning, and what’s your idea for decorations? Contact us and tell us all about it — we love talking to customers about their floral dreams, and with more than 20 years in business, we have picked up a lot of different ideas we’d love to share with you.

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