Privacy Policy

This website is collecting DATA only for provision our service on our users. Collecting personal data we are performing only for provide a satisfied service for our users who are willing to read and share their knowledge with us. Moreover we are collecting only your personal data completely with your cooperation. Therefore we are not collecting information without your permission.

All collected data will be kept with well protected status and not expose to the public.Where we ensure that we protect users privacy.So any party who provided their personal data on us to get some services from us suppose that we have abused or violated our terms against we have provided,they can take legal actions against us.As well as we have prevented third parties access to your personal data.

Purpose of collecting personal DATA

Extremely to provide a satisfied service relevant to users queries we are collecting some data types. Where we are giving a consent forum and users can decide whether their information provide or not.So without complete consent of users we can’t collect your information at all.

Retention Period

As the retention period of your personal data we can’t assess an exact date indeed. Where we keep your information till we provide our service that you expected limit completing. After that we remove completely your information from our database. This will be informed to you by an email message.

Collecting Data Types

We collect only user email address and identification details only.These details we collect only for reply on users questions.Except those data types we are not collecting any other data types at all.Therefore users do not provide any other details at any time.Please avoid to provide following data.

Do not provide

  • Credit card details.
  • Billing information.
  • Private address.
  • Password
  • User ID

Cookies & Browsing Data

We are not using Cookies data or any browsing Data.